[Air-l] New & Old Membership Benefits

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Mon Aug 6 09:15:06 PDT 2001

I am happy to announce that AoIR members are now able to receive a 
US$40 discount on subscriptions to The Information Society:

Taylor and Francis, Inc., is pleased to offer to AoIR members a 
special discounted rate on subscriptions to

Editor-in-Chief: Rob Kling, Center for School Informatics, Indiana University

THE INFORMATION SOCIETY is the forum for thoughtful commentary about 
impacts, policies, systems concepts, methodologies, and cultural 
change related to the rapidly emerging information society.  As an 
international, refereed publication, this quarterly provides 
scholarly articles, position papers, short communications, review 
essays, and book reviews.

The journal acts as an arena for debate on the following topics, among others:
- the rise of virtual communities through worldwide many-to-many communication;
- corporate "outsourcing" of information, cross-border data flow, and 
global job mitigation;
- cultural change and fears of cultural imperialism;
- ethics, gender, and privacy in an electronic world;
- changing National Information Infrastructures: politics and 
socio-cultural effects
- electronic democracies: implications and options

THE INFORMATION SOCIETY is read by scholars and professionals 
involved with science and technology studies, information sciences, 
communications, and information systems, as well as by researchers, 
managers, policy-makers, and others concerned with the effects of the 
information revolution on individuals, organizations, and society.

Quarterly, Volume 17, 2001

Personal subscription, regular rate: $89
Special discounted rate to AoIR members: $59

For more information about the journal, visit THE INFORMATION 
SOCIETY's home page at http://www.slis.indiana.edu/TIS

A notice regarding how to receive this discount will be mailed 
separately to members.

AoIR members also qualify for discounted subscriptions to these journals:

-Information, Communication and Society (50% discount)
-New Media & Society (20% discount)
-Cyberpychology and Behavior (~30% discount)
-e-Service Journal:  A Journal of Electronic Services in the Public 
and Private Sectors (20% discount)

These discounts generally exceed the cost of AoIR membership, so if 
you are interested in subscribing to even one of them, it is in your 
best financial interest to join AoIR. If you'd like to subscribe to 
more than one, you will be paying to NOT be a member of AoIR.

AoIR members also qualify to run for office and vote in aoir's 
upcoming elections (and bylaws revision), to register for the 2001 
conference at a discounted rate, to access paper archives from 
Internet Research 1.0, and to access and contribute to the 
members-only web area that is about to debut.

If you registered for Internet Research 1.0 or have paid your dues, 
you are already a member and are eligible for these benefits now 
(these memberships expire in September, 2001). Subscribing to this 
list (air-l) does not in itself constitute membership. If you would 
like to join AoIR, please visit:


If there are other journals you would like me to pursue discounts 
with, or other benefits you think AoIR should pursue for its members, 
please let me know.

Thank you,

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