[Air-l] Conference: The Internet and Development in Asia

Randy Kluver icmrk at nus.edu.sg
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3rd Annual Internet Political Economy Forum Conference   

Internet & Development in Asia 

Across Asia, governments, corporations, schools, and individuals are
embracing information and communication technologies as a means of achieving
economic growth, improving operating margins, and personal empowerment. In
addition, the Asian economic crisis, accelerated political changes, and
globalization of businesses have accompanied the emergence of information
technologies. Asia now boasts some of the world's most wired-nations,
including South Korea, Singapore, and Japan, but also some of the world's
most poverty stricken, and information-poor, nations. This advent of the
information society means that societies, economies, and communities across
Asia will be profoundly altered. 
IPEF 2001 will explore the role of information technologies on economic and
business development, political development, and community development in
Asia. Experts who are focused on the Internet in Asia from around the world
will examine in detail the ways in which ICT (Information Communications
Technologies) are changing lifestyles, political structures, and economic
relationships in Asia. Keynote speakers will highlight the critical issues
associated with the growth of the Internet. 

Opening Address 
 David Lim, Minister of State, Republic of Singapore (Defence,  Information
and the Arts) 

Keynote Speakers: 
David Lyon, Queens University, Canada, Surveillance and Privacy in the
Asian Information Society 
Shigeru Nakayama, Kanagawa University, Japan's IT Policies:  Development and

Panels on Intellectual Property in Asia, IT in Japan, the digital divide in
Asia, as well as the economic, political, commercial, and cultural issues
associated with IT in Asia.

Date: September 14 & 15, 2001 
Venue: National University of Singapore, Singapore 
Registration fees: S$150

More details are available at www.prnewsasia.com/ipef2001, or by contacting
Jane Ong at ipef2001 at hotmail.com.

The Internet Political Economy Forum is an international consortium of
universities to coordinate a global study of the Internet paradigm through
the leading universities/high tech hubs in the United States, Europe and
Asia.  The IPEF organizes conferences and research projects with plans
underway for fellowship programs and curricular activities.  The members
are: University of Washington (secretariat), University of Cambridge, and
National University of Singapore.  

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