[Air-l] Suggestion for AOIR SIGs (special interest groups)

rglentz at mail.utexas.edu rglentz at mail.utexas.edu
Sat Aug 11 10:25:43 PDT 2001

Dear colleagues,

It seems from the posts that several significant topic areas are emerging 
that might eventually deserve some special interest group designation? A 
suggestion, as this list grows, and in order to keep the weekly volume of 
posts to something reasonable, might be to establish (unless this has 
already been done?) several SIGs with their own mailing lists, e.g., CMC, 
Internet policy, etc.? This might be a way to organize such things as new 
books/dissertations so that it's easier to mine the volume of work being 
produced in Internet-related studies. I'm assuming in suggesting this that 
all of this work in interdisciplinary, so the categories might be 
established based on the problems being addressed, not on methodology? 
Something to think about. B. Lentz, UT Austin

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