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Jeremy W. Crampton jcrampto at gmu.edu
Mon Aug 13 08:30:07 PDT 2001

This cost is one reason why we are working on a model which will predict
Internet access across a locality. Our focus is on GIS for policymaking
tools. I will talk about this at the conference, and hopefully get some good
suggestions (we'll only have preliminary data unfortunately).

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> The reason for this paucity is, of course, that sizing Internet user
> populations is an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process.  A
> really interesting doctoral thesis to read would be one which took
> apart and compared the various  methodologies as a way of explaining
> the wide divergences in results.  Or: data points are memes, and they
> travel, but in so doing they obscure their origins; call it a fetish
> for numbers.
> cheers
> Bram
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