[Air-l] Women and the Internet

t.kennedy at utoronto.ca t.kennedy at utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 16 11:40:52 PDT 2001

Apologies for cross posting -
My name is Tracy Kennedy, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto.
I am looking for Canadian women who are currently conducting, or have
completed research about women and the Internet or other New Information
Technologies. I have completed my own research entitled: "Women and the
Internet: An Exploratory Study of Feminist Experiences In Cyberspace" (2000)
and am curious of who else is doing work like this (I know you are out
there!). Having visited numerous conferences in the past year and a half, I
see that there are many American studies on Cyberspace and so forth. I
wondered if there were any other Canadian women, like myself, who were
studying Women and New Information Technologies or Women in Cyberspace.
I would like to compile a database of existing  research on my Website
(www.netwomen.ca), dedicating part of my Netwomen.ca site to
you. This part of my site would ultimately be reflective of some of the
Canadian research that is being conducted. The 'Netwomen' of Canada should
be recognized! Research  needs to be made available and accessible for other
women who may want
to conduct their own research and are in need of information or motivation.
I am hoping to create a 'Network' of 'Netwomen' researchers through
this database.
If you are a Canadian woman researching, or have completed research on women
and the
Internet, please email me at tkennedy at netwomen.ca
with your name, email address, title of paper, year of
research, a brief abstract, URL if applicable or publication information.
Yours in cyber-solidarity,
Tracy L.M. Kennedy

Tracy L.M. Kennedy
University of Toronto
PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology
t.kennedy at utoronto.ca

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