[Air-l] Internet and Academic Disciplines/ Q

thomas/swiss thomas-swiss at uiowa.edu
Fri Aug 31 10:38:45 PDT 2001


Looking for some help. An interdisc. program at my university is thinking about putting on a 'mini-conference' (one or two days) on the general subject of "How has the Web/internet changed practices in various academic fields" ....the fields are wide-open. "Practices" would likely include such things as: writing in the field; review/publication in the field; hiring into departments (and the split often opened among dept colelagues when depts. hire "internet researchers" 'traditional' depts.); and plenty of other things, of course. Indeed any ideas you might have related to topics this mini-confernece should explore would be welcome.

Very broad at the moment, obviously, but the folks in this program are wondering if there have been any conferences on this topic that you all might know of (a URL would be helpful) or conferences forthcoming. In short, they don't want to re-invent the wheel; and 2) they are looking for possible speakers who really have some interesting things to say about the topic -- which also might take up academic listservs, moos, chat spaces, web sites, networks and so on and how it they have changed/will change futher particular academic disciplines.

All help much appreciated. Thanks.

Thom Swiss
thomas-swiss at uiowa.edu


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