[Air-l] Fwd: job opportunity--please distribute

Steve Jones sjones at uic.edu
Tue Dec 4 08:09:58 PST 2001

>        HUNTER COLLEGE of The City University of New York
>        Department of Film and Media Studies
>        The Information Systems Associate in the Department of Film and
>        Studies is expected to be an authority on computer-based media
>        (primarily Macintosh), including: web server administration, web
>        hardware and software networking, server and client side web
>        basic graphic design hardware and software and basic digital
>video and audio
>        software and hardware.
>        Duties expected of the Film and Media Information Systems
>Associate include:
>        1. Serve as Web Administrator in charge of maintaining all
>departmental web
>        servers and the departmental web site.
>        2. Run regular technical training workshops (software and
>hardware) for
>        undergraduate and graduate students.
>        3. Manage staffing, oversight, and scheduling in digital media
>        4. Installing, troubleshooting and day-to-day maintenance of
>        equipment and related peripherals, software management, and
>        scheduling.
>        5. As the technical expert in digital media systems, the
>Associate must
>        consult with the department faculty and participate in the
>        designing and equipping of the new digital media facilities as
>well as
>        develop long range resource upgrade strategies.
>        6. The Associate will be expected to work collaboratively with
>faculty and
>        staff to devise and support the successful implementation of
>technology in
>        the classroom, including managing the allocation of server space.
>        7. The Associate will conduct research in areas of computer-based
>        production tools, peripherals and software and will make timely
>        recommendations to faculty and staff.
>        8. The Associate will identify, train and supervise College Lab
>        and student assistants appointed to the areas and facilities,
>which utilize
>        computers and digital technology systems.
>        9. Cross platform, basic graphics, web design and programming,
>and basic
>        digital video editing expertise is required and a working
>knowledge of
>        digital video production equipment and digital/video interface is
>        10. The Associate should have expertise in maintenance of
>computer networks
>        and servers.
>Do not reply by email.  Send resume and the names and conact information
>of three references by January 15, 2002  to:
>Stuart Ewen, Chair
>Film and Media
>Hunter College
>695 Park Ave.
>New York, NY 10001

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