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Thu Dec 6 13:00:55 PST 2001

This may be of interest and possible use to some AoIR list members
(apologies for cross postings). Wadsworth has just published a reader I
edited on new media and cyberculture issues titled Living in the
Information Age: A New Media Reader (ISBN 0-534-59049-7). 

There are selections from Meyrowitz, Fidler, Horton & Wohl, Rushkoff,
McChesney, Gerbner, Turkle, Gleick, December, Oppenheimer (Todd), Stoll,
Shenk, Ullman, Rheingold, Barlow, Brin, Katz, and others--64 readings in

The collection traces the development, surveys the literature, and
explores the impact of new technologies on the media landscape, examining
both conceptual and practical aspects of life in an information society.
The 64 articles comprising this reader examine the utopian promises of
technology's true believers, and the dystopian views of technology's
critics, all the while exploring how the media industries are being
transformed through digital convergence and corporate concentration.

Each reading is prefaced with a short introduction and three questions for
discussion. At the end are suggestions for further research and a minimum
of three related Web pages. The text is undergraduate-oriented, although
it may be of use in some master's level courses.

A Web page for the reader has been posted by Wadsworth at:




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