[Air-l] Globalization and Social Justice

Lauren Langman llangma at wpo.it.luc.edu
Mon Dec 10 14:56:56 PST 2001

At the AIOR meeting, we mentioned to a number of people that next Spring, at Loyola Univerisity of Chicago we will be having a conference on Globalization and Social Justice. It is now official, we have the rooms reserved, May 10-12. 

This will be a progressive conference, definitely left of center.  At the meeting in addition to the panel on Critical Internet studies in which we participated, there were a number of folks interested in how the internet has been used by a number of people for organizing, alternative media etc.  Our interest is how the alternative globalization movements use the web. We expect that as the dust settles in Afghanistan, and George W meets Usama BL at the Tora Bora corral, and since this world's not big enough for both of them, W's  B-52s/F-14s/F-16s, Drams and Daisy cutters will beat Usamas AK 47.   Then we can all go back to the contradictions of globalization.  If wish to participate, attend or just want more info, let us know. Hope to see you all in Chicago 

Lauren Langman, Doug Morris

BTW we prefer  Llang944 at aol.com     being at enteract.com

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