[Air-l] Social vs Internet

R.A.Hope-Hume at open.ac.uk R.A.Hope-Hume at open.ac.uk
Mon Dec 17 08:23:43 PST 2001

Robert Putnam (2001) laments the passing of community in contemporary
society and, with it, the loss of "social capital".  Putnam sees the lack of
participation in voluntary organisations, like ten-pin bowling leagues,
because of that loss. Contemporary culture, he claims is typified more by
solitary pursuits, such as watching television, than with community
activities. However, Putnam does wonder if the internet will generate
increased social capital.  

However I've been told there is recent research that shows that internet
users are more likely to be involved in social activities. Is anyone aware
of this resarch?

Bob Hope-Hume

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