[Air-l] Fwd: WORLDVIEW 2002

Steve Jones sjones at uic.edu
Tue Dec 18 05:53:26 PST 2001

>Below is a notive I hope is self-explanatory. I am presently a visiting
>artist at the ZKM in Karlsruhe and hope to get them to offer the
>webspace and management for this, though it appears we can do it
>ourselves if we want.  Anyway I am out to send as big sweep on the net
>as I can out in a short space.  If you have mailing lists or
>suggestions as to boards where I might contact in particular Central and
>S. America, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe people, it would be a
>big help.
>Jon Jost
>We are a group, operating from DV.com (Community > Forums > Cinema
>Electronica), planning on making in the coming year a global portrait,
>to be posted on the internet, and at the conclusion turned into an
>installation work and perhaps some kind of linear cinema piece to show
>in festivals or other suitable venues.
>Our present plan is that participants shoot a one minute shot each week,
>under a minimal bit of aesthetic and topical guidance so as to make the
>total communal work coherent.  Of this minute, those who can would be
>asked to post 10 to 20 seconds of each shot to a website presently being
>established for this purpose.  Simple
>instructions will be given for posting.  At the conclusion of the year
>participants would be asked to post their tape (or a copy) to me, Jon
>Jost - moderator of Cinema Electronica, to assemble (with lots of
>community advice, I hope) into a work presentable as an installation,
>DVD, and/or tape.
>The central intention is to attempt to make a global portrait - the
>world, circa 2002, as seen through the eyes of those participating. We
>hope to attempt as well to be inclusive of those - the vast majority of
>humans - who do not have the means and cannot afford to so show their
>Our intention is to begin on January 1, 2002, so time is short.  If you
>can participate, or can point us to web addresses or email lists which
>would be useful in broadening our participating members, please let us
>Thank you,
>Jon Jost, on behalf of those working on the WORLDVIEW 2002  project at
>Cinema Electronica.  (laragreen at netscape.net)

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