[Air-l] Re: Company vs. Community

Christian Nelson cnelson at comm.umass.edu
Mon Dec 17 09:24:46 PST 2001

"john.white" wrote:

> This may be a silly question, but I've been wondering what the difference
> between community and culture might be.  Culture, particularly organizational
> culture, can be defined as a shared pattern of beliefs (see Schein 1985 and
> others).  It seems to me that community, at least from what I've seen here, is
> similarly defined?

It often is. The question is whether it is legitimate to speak of any group,
society, culture, community, etc. as "sharing" something, at least as that notion
of sharing is often (nearly always?) explicated. Regarding this, I'd particularly
recommend looking at

Moerman, M. (1968). Being Lue: Uses and abuses of ethnic identification. In J.
Helm (Ed.) Essays on the problem of tribe. Seattle, WA: University of Washington
Press. [Reprinted  as: Accomplishing ethnicity. In R. Turner (Ed.) (1974).
Ethnomethodology (pp. 54-68). Harmondsworth, UK: Penguin.]

as well as

Sharrock, W.W., and Anderson, R.J. (1982). On the demise of the native: Some
observations on and  a proposal for ethnography. Human Studies, 5(2), 119-135.

Christian Nelson

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