[Air-l] abstraction and community

Charlie Hendricksen veritas at u.washington.edu
Wed Dec 19 11:03:22 PST 2001


    Jonathan Sterne has expressed many of my feelings about the idea
of community.  When I see attempts to create community on the
Internet, I see activism.  And with activism comes attempts to involve
me in activities that are usually on someone else's agenda.  All of us
have roles that we play in our families, neighborhoods, professional
lives and, yes, even in our own minds.  Perhaps it is best for
everyone to create their personal network of communities to serve the
roles we play, or wish to play.  The Internet excels at fostering such
communities, and also quickly weeds out those attempts to create
communities for which no critical mass exists.

            Charlie Hendricksen   veritas at u.washington.edu

            "Information technology structures human relationships."
                            "Models relate concepts."

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