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Anabel Quan Haase aquan at chass.utoronto.ca
Sat Jul 7 10:18:02 PDT 2001

Intergroup communication and the Internet
Dear Joyce,
this is a topic that I am also interested in. If you have found other
resources on the topic I would like to read them.  I can recommend the
following readings:

Haythornthwaite, C. and B. Wellman (1998). “Work, friendship and media use
for information exchange in a networked organization.” Journal of the
American Society for Information Science 49(12): 1101-1114.

Koku, E., N. Nazer, and B. Welllman (2001). “Netting scholars: Online
and offline.”
American Behavioral Scientist 43(Special issue: Mapping Globalization):
Bradner, E. (2000). Sociological constructs of small groups in the
workplace: What are "teams" and how are they "virtual"? Workshop on
Virtually Collocated Teams in the Workplace at the Conference on Human
Factors in Computing Systems, The Hague, Netherlands, 1-6 April 2000.

Cothrel, J. and R. Williams (1999). On-line communities: Getting the most
out of on-line discussion and collaboration. Knowledge Management Review.
6. 2001.
Garton, L., C. Haythornthwaite, et al. (1997). “Studying On-line Social
Networks.” Journal of Computer Mediated Communication 3(1): website:
I hope this helps,			


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