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Daer Dara:

I´m interested in reading the paper you offer. Please email it to me.


Dr. Alberto Beuchot
Center for Teaching and Learning

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   1. Re: Information/research request (Dara O'Neil)


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I wrote a paper that I'm presenting at the AoIR conference in October
that addresses specifically this topic.  It's a working paper but I'd
be happy to send it to you (or anyone else) who may be interested.
The abstract of the paper, "Merging Theory with Practice: Toward an
Evaluation Framework for Community Informatics" is below.

"Community informatics is defined as a strategy or discipline that
focuses on the use of information and communication technologies by
territorial communities. This paper analyzes the emerging evaluation
literature on community informatics to develop an understanding of
the indicators used to gauge project impacts in community networks
and community technology centers. This study finds that community
informatics evaluations fall into five key areas: 1) enhancing strong
democracy; 2) increasing social capital; 3) empowering individuals;
4) revitalizing sense of community; and 5) providing economic
development oppotunities. This paper aims to develop an understanding
or model of community informatics research that synthesizes diverse
theoretical perspectives in two ways: first, by presenting a taxonomy
of more than 30 evaluation studies based on common methodological and
explanatory dimensions; and second, by drawing from this taxonomy to
construct an evaluation framework of appropriate indicators and
methods for community informatics evaluation research."

If you're interested in a copy of the paper, please let me know and
I'll forward it to you. Thanks- Dara

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>Subject: [Air-l] Information/research request
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>Dear colleagues,
>I'm looking for citations (with urls if available) of any/all meta
>evaluations done on community networks and community technology centers in
>the U.S. I'm aware of CTCnet's site and publications, NTIA's, etc. etc.,
>but just curious if any of you have been able to find a source where these
>have been researched and cited in academic literature in total? Also, I am
>eager to know about the nuanced differences between CTCs and CNs - is there
>a working definition? Thank you!
>RG Lentz
>UT Austin

Dara V. O'Neil
Research Associate II, Georgia Tech Research Institute; &
Doctoral student, Information and Telecommunications Policy
School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology;
151 Sixth St., 038 O'Keefe Building, Atlanta, GA  30332-0837
Tel: 404.894.8445, Fax: 404.894.2184, Email: dara.oneil at gtri.gatech.edu


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