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>Nordic Interactive Conference 2001 - Digital Visions  and User Reality
>31 October 2001 to 3 November 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark
>NIC 2001 is a biannual conference initiated by Nordic
>Interactive, a new pan-Nordic network for leading Nordic IT
>research institutes and companies in interactive digital
>technology. The first significant landmark of the network
>is NIC 2001, featuring entrepreneurs and visionary
>leaders from industry and academia, artists and
>performers as well as a number of international keynote
>speakers. The conference provides a rich set of formats
>for interaction, presentation and discussion of the latest
>results and developments. NIC 2001 presents a four-day
>program consisting of five tracks, tutorials, informal
>workshops, expo (also open to the public), art gallery, job
>fair and a competition for postgraduate and doctoral
>Why NIC 2001?
>There has been a growing focus on research and
>development as the core competencies of the Nordic
>countries. The Nordic countries occupy unique research
>and development positions in areas closely connected to
>development and use of interactive digital technology,
>especially in the areas of user centred design, social
>context relations and mobility. At NIC2001 we aim at
>bringing the Nordic capacities in this broad and
>multidisciplinary field together, to present and discuss
>contributions from scientists, artists, developers,
>business, educators, and computer enthusiasts.
>Conference topics will relate to science, education,
>games, design, communication, interaction, work, daily
>living and society. Leaders and visionaries from industry,
>academia, research and government will discuss the key
>technology advances that will impact our daily lives now
>and in the future, and how that may change the way we
>The goal of NIC 2001 is to provide a highly interactive and
>engaging forum, where attendees can meet to exchange
>and discuss ideas. We wish to strengthen the Nordic
>relations and networks, to consider the form, role, and
>impact of future interactive digital technology. The
>conference will present some of the latest technological
>developments, and discuss issues and challenges facing
>the Nordic R&D environment in this area, as we move into
>the 21st Century. Our speakers, panellists and presenters
>are all deeply involved in various areas of research,
>development, creation and use of interactive digital
>Conference themes are:
>1. Living in intelligent environments
>2. Nomadic computing
>3. Learning in a distributed world - future pedagogical
>4. Touch, hear, see
>5. - To be announced!
>Keynote speakers are as follows:
>J°rgen Lindegaard - President and CEO of the SAS Group
>(Scandinavian Airlines) ;
>Kevin Warwick - Professor of Cybernetics at the
>University of Reading, UK, leading robotics researcher;
>John Thackara - Director of "Doors of Perception",
>Holland, a design guru, critic and business provocateur;
>Norbert Streitz - Dr. Dr. at GMD, Germany, a leading
>expert on workspaces of the future;
>Maureen Thomas - Creative Director at Cambridge
>University Moving Image Studio (CUMIS), UK, expert on
>digital interactive narrative/drama;
>Bob Stone - Professor, head of MUSE Virtual Presence
>Ltd. and Scientific Director of MUSE Technologies, UK,
>world-leading expert on human factors and ergonomics in
>relation to virtual reality and
>Kathryn Clark, Senior scientist at Nasa, USA, specialist in
>intelligent environments.
>Online registration and the preliminary conference
>programme is now available at
>E-mail enquiries: secr at nic2001.org
>Website: http://www.nic2001.org
>Organized by: Nordic Interactive

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