[Air-l] Call for papers ... Managing Tacit Knowledge

Ken Friedman ken.friedman at bi.no
Fri May 11 08:03:15 PDT 2001

European CSCW 2001 Workshop On
Managing Tacit Knowledge
Bonn, Germany, September 16, 2001

Call for Papers and Participation:


Tacit Knowledge is an umbrella term covering the subtext of a 
conversation, the intuitions that are gained through experience, and 
the sense of competency one acquires by participating in communities 
of practice. Tacit knowledge plays a key role in the way people work, 
especially when collaborating with others. CSCW systems, by enabling 
collaboration between people who are separated geographically, 
introduce a new level of complexity. Members of the same team may 
work in contexts that vary dramatically in terms of environment, 
available tools, constraints, culture, values, initial assumptions, 
etc. In order to take tacit knowledge into account, a CSCW system 
needs to address two main issues:

  Acknowledge and model the role, importance, and variance of tacit
  knowledge among users, and

  Assist in the enrichment, maintenance, exchange, and use of tacit

The workshop will build upon discussions in previous CSCW and ECSCW 
conferences as well as the experiences of participants to elaborate 
on these challenges, present recent results, suggest new ways to 
address them, and propose future directions for research and 
standardization. We will discuss available and desired technologies, 
required organizational changes, the social implications of these 
changes as well as the cultural inhibitors and obstacles faced by 

The organizers are members of UNITE, a project aiming at creating a 
middleware for distributed teamwork. They represent a wide spectrum 
of expertise in the areas of CHI, design, knowledge management 
consulting, and organizational behavior.

Organizing Committee

Michal Jacovi, IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel, jacovi at il.ibm.com

Amnon Ribak, IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel, ribak at il.ibm.com

Andree Woodcock, School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK, 
a.woodcock at coventry.ac.uk

Program Committee

Prof. John Mackenzie Owen, The University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Christoph Meier, Fraunhofer-Institut fur Arbeitswirtschaft und 
Organisation, Germany

Wendy A. Kellogg, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

Marthe Brunsveld, Penta Scope, The Netherlands

Shari Schneider, Ethnographer, Microsoft Corporation

Further information

Information on the workshop venue and local arrangements (hotel 
reservation etc.) as well as the sponsoring conference
can be found at


Additional information about the workshop is available at


Questions can be sent directly to any of the organizers above.

Submission Information:

Send by email to Michal Jacovi: jacovi at il.ibm.com

For presentation: a short personal synopsis detailing interest in the 
area, and a position paper indicating the chosen category (tutorial, 
research, demo, standards). Length of position paper: no more than 
2000 words (HTML, Postscript, or PDF). For participation only: 
statement of interest (no more than 500 words).

Important Dates:

14 May 2001 - Deadline for presentation submission
04 June 2001 - Acceptance notification
20 July 2001 - Camera-ready version of presentations
16 September 2001 - Workshop (in Bonn, Germany)
17-20 September 2001 - ECSCW Conference (in Bonn, Germany)

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