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Yvonne Waern Yvonne.Waern at mbox300.swipnet.se
Mon May 14 12:13:10 PDT 2001

>Answer to Aurelia:
>I have one unusual ethic problem. I have 3 interviews in which my informats
>besides other things talk about their illegal actions. These informants
>insists on using their real names when citing their answers. Maybe somebody
>could suggest what to do in this situation?
>Aurelija Dagilyte
>My immediate reaction is that we should not always do what our 
>informants ask us to. These informants may not understand the 
>consequences of their wishes.  I would say that my ethical rules do 
>not allow me to quote people in their real names. As simple as that!

>Yvonne Waern
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