[Air-l] Ethics - Further to Ess, Walther and Waern

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Wed May 16 08:34:17 PDT 2001

1) Until a professional code emerges, one ethical possibility, that 
will still permit Internet researchers to go global but act within local 
rules is to simply expect them to rigorously apply the golden rule - 
'do unto others ... etc.' - a temporary shelter perhaps, but well 
worth considering. 

2) Certainly Laud Humphries did not apply this rule when he wrote 
and released Tea-Room Trade in the seventies and look where that 
debate went. 

3) Privacy rules go so far in the UK that if you are being harassed 
by a telephone crank, you cannot obtain a call trace. A delightful 
system that fully protects the rights of the harasser!

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