[Air-l] Copyright issues on material transmitted to AIR-L

Ken Friedman ken.friedman at bi.no
Wed May 23 04:15:59 PDT 2001

Dear Colleagues,

I have posted stories to the list from various

When I do, I am careful to include full
publishing data, URL, and copyright notice.

These stories are made available to the public
by the publishers, often through emailer
programs. Occasionally, I take them from a
university-based email newsletter that carries
stories from publishers.

The time required to write for permission on
stories of possible interest here would make it
difficult to pass good material on. I don't
bother with URL clips and first-paragraph
only broadcasts. I find them annoying to
read, and I don't want to plague other with
material I don't like myself.

I'd welcome the view of other subscribers
on this issue. If it seems inappropriate to
transmit material with full identification and
copyright notice, I'll be happy to stop.

Best regards,

Ken Friedman



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