[Air-l] Copyright issues on material transmitted to AIR-L

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Wed May 23 09:55:21 PDT 2001

This list and the server it sits on are governed by u.s. copyright law to 
the best of my understanding, which is why I posted the little bit about 
the acceptable use of this computing and network systems by which this 
system is governed.   Thus, by someone posting something against copyright 
law, theoretically, I could be held liable because I am failing to comply 
with the standards by allowing the poster to use this system this way.

Which is why I asked if people would be kind enough to do their best to 
ensure that all their postings to the best of their knowledge or to the 
publicly accessible knowledge like the statements made on various websites 
to govern the use of the material from there comply with the copyright put 
forth in some manner that is acceptable to those sites which are explicit 
or in some manner that would be acceptably defined as fair use under U.S. 
copyright law.

It is my understanding that under the current policy of this university, 
which owns the network that this computer plugs into, that I, as systems 
administrator, cannot allow things that could be interpreted as violations 
of copyright to continue. I am happy to enquire with university counsel as 
to whether these actions do or do not constitute violations of copyrights, 
but they will probably play it on the safe side and say that it most likely 
is and that means I will have to make a protocol to deal with it including 
warnings and possible removal from the list and we don't need a protocol 
like that and i don't want to have to enforce one.  I'd rather just have us 
agree that if it is questionable, then play it safe and only post some of 
the article or a description of the article and a link to it.  I'm not 
trying to do this to be persecutory or anything, but I am certainly being 
cautious which is justified, but if it isn't let me know.

At 05:03 PM 05/23/2001 +0000, you wrote:

>Regardless of the nature of the list wouldn't the caveat only apply in
>areas covered by US copyright law?

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