[Air-l] Re: Copyright issues on material transmitted to AIR-L

Ed Lamoureux ell at hilltop.bradley.edu
Thu May 24 06:17:00 PDT 2001

On Wed, 23 May 2001, David W. James wrote:

> Tweet!!
> Time out.
> If you followed the link to the article at the Post's web site, they
> include a button on the page to allow mailing the article to others. 
> Clicking on it includes options for mailing just the link, the first
> paragraph and the link, or the full text.  I would say that The
> Washington Post, by providing the software to actually do the
> transmission, is giving permission, yes?

And they are giving permission to "mail this to a friend" . . . which is
different than copying it to a listserve with hundreds of subscribers.

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