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Last note on my part on this issue.  But I did a bit of research, and found
that several sites do encourage sending articles to multiple sources and
indeed encourage sending to as many people as possible.  For example, CNN
offers help on sending to "friends, family, and colleagues."  I wrote to the
"help" address to ask if it was okay to send the article to a listserv.
They said it was fine as long as they could identify those who received the
article (the function is run by a marketing company as well as the help).

On the one hand, it confirms that they hold copyright and can do what they
want with the articles, including forwarding and republishing to as many as
possible using email.  And the service should go through their system.  On
the other hand, copyright is not being used to protect themselves or
writers, but as a marketing tool to determine who is interested in what
kinds of topics and establish an email repository of users.

On another note, does anyone know of good resources or articles about the
status of materials on institution owned computers and networks.  An
interesting case in Michigan recently of a state senator who was ousted from
office--among the charges was keeping pornographic materials on senate owned
computer (topless pictures of significant other).

Dean Rehberger

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At 12:01 Uhr -0400 24.5.2001, Ken Friedman wrote:
>Some of the posts to the list argue against this on moral or ethical
>grounds. I will not take up these issues. The law is the law,

Hi all,
one question: what is the point in using "the law" as a basis for
discussion in an "internet"ional mailing list as long as there are no
international laws on these issues?

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