[Air-l] AoIR 2001 Conference in Minnesota

Ellis Godard ellisgodard at starband.net
Sun Oct 14 22:39:57 PDT 2001

Thanks to all for not cancelling - a fanTAStic event, in all regards! Kudos
all around, and I look forward to again seeing the many of you whom I have
just met.


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> Fellow members of the Association of Internet Researchers and air-l
> subscribers:
> These are trying times, to greatly understate things. We will all
> struggle in one way or another to re-imagine the world now that
> everything has changed.  The attacks in the U.S. this week were in
> part directed squarely at the U.S., But they were also directed in
> part at the world. The destruction of the World Trade Center towers
> killed and hurt many people from all walks of life, from all beliefs,
> races, countries. AoIR is an international organization, and each of
> us feels some sense of loss. Our thoughts go out particularly to
> those who have lost friends, family and acquaintances.
> We have been asked by several people whether the 2001 conference in
> Minneapolis will be cancelled. The executive committee, the
> conference organizers at the University of Minnesota and I have
> decided that the conference will not be cancelled.
> None of us associated with AoIR will ask anyone to do something with
> which they are uncomfortable. Were I to have to fly within the next
> week I would certainly think twice, although I think I would go ahead
> with it.  I would be apprehensive about it, and will be for quite
> some time, and I will not be very happy at the prospect, and I will
> be ever so glad to land.  However, the alternative is to cease
> travelling by air and therefore cease meeting indefinitely (except
> online, of course, or at short distances), and to lose all confidence
> in the variety of human systems on which the world is, and must, be
> based. I do not choose that alternative. Your choice, however,
> should, and will be, respected. We will, of course, keep abreast of
> events.
> Do not hesitate to e-mail me at sjones at uic.edu with any questions and
> concerns. I will look forward to seeing some of you in Minneapolis,
> and others of you at other places and times in the future.
> Steve Jones, President of the Association of Internet Researchers
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