[Air-l] Fw: Finding email survey samples

Danyel Fisher danyelf at cs.berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 17 18:37:50 PDT 2001

First, thanks to all for a great conference. I had a marvelous time meeting
a lot of people, and look forward to future conferences.

I'm currently working on a survey of email accounts. I've spent some time
writing a series of questions that ask users how many accounts they
maintain, and for what purposes. It's a brief survey, under ten minutes.

But now (as always), I need to find a sample population. The first
temptation is to spam some mailing list somewhere: after all, mailing list
users are likely to maintain multiple accounts, and so the sample would be

But I wouldn't want to get spammed myself, and I don't think anyone else
does, either. So I'm looking for other good sources of subject pools. Where
do you find sets of internet users?


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