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Love dot com is a neat little 30 minute discovery channel documentary made
in Australia that shows three kinds of online relationships.  The value of
this film is length (fits a class well+discussion) and a wonderful quality
of letting the participants speak - 1 or 2 minutes from the people in these
relationships says more than I could in an hour.

I rather like television programs too.  Various popular TV shows (which, in
Australia, we can record and use and the university pays a licence fee to
cover this privilege) often have nice net references...I can think of the
Ally McBeal show where she dates a 15 yo met online.

My main comment though is...what is the pedagogic purpose of AV material? -
I am regularly told by students that they find the use of a short video, or
extract/segment, overcomes boredom, reinforces the points made etc.  As a
lecturer I find it useful to keep my work fresh - I tend to find new things
in the films I show (and then comment on) each year.

However, what difficulties does AV-based pedagogy pose for distance
education online?


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A pedagogical question. Can folks who use films in their internet studies
classes offer a list of them, either to this list, or to me personally?
Equally important, tho, would be a few sentences of WHY you teach them or
HOW you teach them in relation to the issues yr class explores. We all know
the ususal suspects: Bladerunner, for example, and those films that disrupt
narrative (Time Code) but what other films or videos and why and how? Thanks
in advance. Thom Swiss
thomas-swiss at uiowa.edu

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