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                   Netscan Community Research at Microsoft Research

                  Data Mining Social Cyberspaces since 1997

            Netscan Beta 2.0 Now Available!

              Netscan social accounting services for Usenet
            What is Netscan?
            Netscan is a social accounting reporting service for the Usenet.
Netscan provides reports on the activity of newsgroups and the histories of
authors in those newsgroups. The Microsoft Community Research Group created
Netscan as a service to the research community and a test-bed for enhanced
community services. Research Sociologist Marc Smith leads a small group of
developers creating next generation community interfaces.

            How can I use Netscan?
            Netscan is publicly available at

            New Data
            Keeping up with Usenet is a big challenge. Growing rapidly, the
Usenet feed is larger than 60GB a day. Netscan now provides data for all the
newsgroups we get in our feed from January 1, 2000 through the end of
August, 2001. Coming soon is data for September 2001. Look for quicker data
updates coming in the near future.

       Our new interfaces are now available!
            Netscan offers reports on all Usenet newsgroups that we receive
in our news feed, currently 130,000 newsgroups. Through Netscan you can
access newsgroup reports for any day, week, or month starting from the first
of January, 2000.
            Use Netscan to track the activity of your favorite newsgroups
and read the most active threads in any newsgroup.

            Newsgroup report cards
            Get a focused report on any individual newsgroup we track.

            Thread reports for newsgroups
            Sorting threads by size should be a common news browser feature,
but it isn't. Netscan now provides reports on the biggest threads in every
newsgroup for every day, week, and month in the data set.

            Crosspost network visualization
            See the patterns of interlinked newsgroups starting from any set
of anchor newsgroups you select.

            Author Tracker
            Identifying the most valuable authors in each newsgroup can be
an effective vector for finding the most valuable content. To explore this
approach, Netscan now offers an Author to Thread report that lists the most
frequently active participants in each newsgroup and the threads they
contributed to most often. This can be a great way to highlight the most
valuable content in each newsgroup.

      Tree Map of Usenet
            Get an overview of the entire Usenet in one glance! Tree Maps
are an interesting way to visualize large hierarchical structures -- like
Usenet! Our Tree Map service allows you to zoom into just the neighborhood
of newsgroups you are interested in and generate maps for any month in the
data set.   Try it here.

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              Recent Articles
            The Netscan Project: Mapping the Social Geography of Usenet News
            April, 2001

            Is Microsoft Smart- or Just Successful?
            May 15, 2001

            January 7-10, 2002 - Hawaii International Conference on Systems
Science, HICSS 2002, See in particular the Persistent Conversation minitrack
and the HICSS Digital Library.

            April 20-25, 2002 - ACM Computer Human Interaction Conference
CHI 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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            Tree Maps for space-constrained visualization of hierarchies

            Cyber Geography Atlas

            MIT Media Lab Sociable Media Group

            Conversation Maps

            Microsoft Research Social Computing Group

            Microsoft Research Collaboration and Multimedia Group

       Communities in Cyberspace is in second printing
            Edited by: Marc Smith and Peter Kollock
            Communities in Cyberspaceis devoted to exploring new forms of
social organization and the changing concepts of community as social groups
develop within computer networks. Contributors examine changes in the nature
of personal identity, social organization and the connections between
real-world communities and their extensions in cyberspace. Communities in
Cyberspace is published by Routledge and is now available In association
with Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and other booksellers.

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       Please see the Netscan privacy policy

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