[Air-l] Web archive launched

Steve Jones sjones at uic.edu
Thu Oct 25 15:12:54 PDT 2001

>Web 'Wayback machine' switched on
>An archive of 10 billion Web pages, dating back to 1996, has
>been launched at web.archive.org.
>"We created the archive in 1996 because we felt it was critical
>to preserve a permanent record of this historically significant
>new medium for the public," said founder Brewster Kahle. The
>project, developed in conjunction with the Library of Congress
>and the Smithsonian Institution, made its official debut
>Wednesday night at the University of California at Berkeley. It
>will assist researchers and people "who just want to see how the
>media and our culture marked important historical events," said
>Paul Grabowicz, an assistant dean at the university.

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