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> ******* DEADLINE EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 15, 2002 *******
> International Summer Conference in Finland
> The Informing Science Institute, the National Communication 
> Association, and
> the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide will be sponsoring 
> an
> International Summer Conference on communication and technology in 
> Pori,
> Finland, June 24-27, 2003. The purpose of the conference is to spur 
> debate
> and increase understanding to meet the challenges and explore the
> opportunities posed by the new Information Age, and to reach out in
> innovative ways to seek partnerships and solutions that bridge gaps in
> knowledge, expertise, and interdisciplinary cooperation. The topic 
> areas to
> be considered range from the digital divide to interpersonal 
> communication
> to misinforming and misinformation. Further details are available at 
> the
> conference web site: http://www.is2003.org.
> In addition to lunches, coffee, tea, and snack breaks, and guided 
> walking
> tours of the city during the day, the conference features an informal
> welcoming reception, a banquet with music at a traditional Finnish
> restaurant by the river, and a reception at City Hall hosted by the 
> City of
> Pori. The conference will be held at the Pori Unit of the Turku School 
> of
> Economics and Business Administration. Pori is on the West coast of 
> Finland,
> about 120 km (or 75 miles) north of Turku and 240 km (or 150 miles)
> north-west of Helsinki. The main part of Pori, a peaceful city of 
> 75,000, is
> about eight blocks square, so it is easy to walk almost everywhere.
> Traffic is light, and many people ride bicycles. It is easy to reach 
> Pori
> from either Helsinki or Turku by air, bus, train, or rental car, or 
> even
> ferry from Sweden via Turku. A trip is planned on Saturday, the day 
> after
> the conference, to nearby Yyteri Beach, a sandy beach known as the 
> "Finnish
> Riviera," with a water slide and a hiking trail along the shore, and/or
> Reposaari, a small fishing village unspoiled by tourism. Convention
> attendees will also be able to participate in a post-conference study 
> trip
> to the University of Lapland above the Arctic Circle, land of the 
> Midnight
> Sun and Northern Lights.
> You can learn more about Finland at 
> http://www.genealogia.fi/finnlinks/ and
> http://virtual.finland.fi/ <http://virtual.finland.fi/> .
> Submission Instructions
> The language of the conference is English. All submissions should be
> original and not currently under review by any other publication or
> conference since the author(s) will need to transfer copyright to the
> organizers before the paper can be published. All submissions will 
> undergo
> blind review by three or more referees. It may be useful to review 
> papers
> presented at IS2002, which can be found at http://2002.insite.nu
> <http://2002.insite.nu> . All accepted papers will be published in the
> Conference Proceedings and selected papers will appear in the journal
> _Informing Science: International Journal of an Emerging 
> Transdiscipline_ or
> the _Journal of Information Technology Education_. Quality papers on 
> the
> special conference topics of Misinforming/Misinformation and Bias will 
> be
> fast tracked for inclusion in a special issue of _Informing Science_ 
> and/or
> a book.
> Below are the specific requirements for each type of submission, 
> followed by
> the general requirements for all submissions.
> Research Papers--Research papers should be submitted as complete 
> papers.
> Papers should include a description of the context of use, the relevant
> publics involved, the problem, and the proposed solution, if 
> appropriate.
> Original thinking is valued. Papers typically are less than 20 pages 
> long
> (about 5000 words). Research papers must be original and unpublished.
> Interactive Papers, Discussion Papers, and Practical Papers--Shorter 
> papers
> (at least 8 pages) of Research-in-Progress, Interactive, Discussion, 
> and
> Practical matters are also welcome. These let you share the progress 
> you
> have had to date and receive constructive feedback midstream in your
> research.
> Panel Discussions--Proposals for panels that synthesize and orient 
> work in
> the area are encouraged, especially those that cross disciplinary
> boundaries. Panel proposals should define an issue, list proposed panel
> members, their backgrounds, and their basic positions. Panel proposals
> should be written as extended abstracts that are approximately two 
> pages
> long. Panels should provide for interaction among members and with the
> audience and should not consist of a series of independent mini-papers.
> Submissions will be accepted via the web at http://submit.insite.nu (or
> email, if your web access is limited). Please review 
> http://www.is2003.org
> for complete details on submission, including formatting instructions. 
> SUBMISSION DEADLINE: DECEMBER 15, 2002 (just request extension from Eli
> Cohen at eli_cohen at acm.org or elicohen at sprintmail.com.)
> If you would like to be part of a panel submission, but cannot put one
> together, we will try to match up presenters with similar interests and
> submit the resulting panels. To participate, please email a Word 
> attachment
> containing a 75-word abstract of your topic, a 50-word bio, and your
> complete contact information by 5 p.m. ET on DECEMBER 8, 2002 to both
> docrod99 at hotmail.com <mailto:docrod99 at hotmail.com>  and
> susankretchmer at yahoo.com.
> Authors may appear at most on two papers, or one paper and one panel. 
> For an
> accepted paper to appear on the program and in the proceedings, at 
> least one
> author must register by the presenters' registration deadline. All 
> members
> of panels must register by the presenters' registration deadline.
> Volunteer to Review Submissions
> Please volunteer your expertise as a paper reviewer for the NCA 2003
> International Summer Conference and, thereby, become a member of the
> Conference Program Committee. Sign up at: http://volunteer.InSITE.nu.
> Sponsorships
> Various levels of Academic Departmental Sponsorship are available 
> beginning
> at $500. All sponsors will be acknowledged in the conference 
> literature and
> websites. Higher levels of support will also be acknowledged on the
> Conference Carry Case. Interested institutions should contact both 
> Susan
> Kretchmer (susankretchmer at yahoo.com) and Rod Carveth 
> (docrod99 at hotmail.com).
> Important Dates
> Abstract or paper submission December 15, 2002
> Author notification February 15, 2003
> Final paper due (MS Word or RTF) & presenter's registration deadline
> March 15, 2003
> Conference Period June 24-27, 2003
> Study Trip to the Arctic Circle June 29-July 3, 2003
> Further details about the conference are available at the IS2003 web 
> site:
> http://www.is2003.org. Please contact both Susan Kretchmer
> (susankretchmer at yahoo.com) and Rod Carveth (docrod99 at hotmail.com) with 
> any
> questions.
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