[Air-l] Indian Online Media Survey

sankar info at umindia.com
Sun Dec 1 23:50:37 PST 2002

Dear All 

Thank you one and all for your highly resourceful discussions. My sincere 
thanks to the moderator for giving the opportunity for me to be with you. 

This is Sankar, business writer, who is representing Indian Online Media 
Forum (IOMF), in this mail. 

IOMF is planning to conduct a survey on (a) the impact India based online 
news publications have made among the consumers of news (readers/users) (b)
and how effectively have they used the interactivity of new media in terms 
of building relationship with their customers (readers/users) and to 
generate content (user generated content). 

I need to know the details about the surveys being carried out elsewhere in 
this regard (primarily checking the effectiveness of media houses in 
utilising the Internet). We are framing the questionnaire, evaulating 
various survey methodologies. 

I shall appreciate your tips. 

Thanks and best regards

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