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Sorry to appear dim, but if I don't ask I'll never know, and I need to
know... what is 'IRB'?
I am at the moment a fourth year honors student here in Scotland and for my
thesis I am using the internet to conduct some research. Whereas this was
primarily met with frowns of disaproval last year I am now getting interest
from particular staff members as their interest is spurred on by the fact
barely any of them even use powerpoint in lectures let alone being up on
internet research overall. I am hoping that my research will show people
that would have otherwise snubbed the internet as a useless tool full of
useless information, to be a tool of great use to sociological
More about this can be found within my ramblings and others on sociopranos
where this discussion of online research has been going for a few months
newby but trying ;o)
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> I am working on a project, not for publication, that looks at how IRB's
> represent themselves on the web.  As part of the project I am looking
> at differneces between institutions where online research is taking
> place and others.  Therefore I would like to know what US
> institutions are presented on the AoIR-L?
> Thank you for taking the time to reply to this message.
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