[Air-l] What is Instant Messaging

Quentin (Gad) Jones quentin.jones at njit.edu
Sun Dec 22 22:33:04 PST 2002

elijah wright wrote:
>>While the patent office often gets things wrong (e.g. the hoo ha about
>>Amazon.com's one click patent) this approval does suggest that
>>IM=(online awareness + buddy list + over TCP/IP protocal + messaging)
>>and is something relatively new.
> maybe MIT should sue AOL.
> http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/trailing1002.asp

Amazing that people have such problems with the concept of Instant 
messaging.  The MIT system did not have a buddy system linked to 
personal awareness status that could be moved from computer account to 
computer account.  IT WAS NOT IM!


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