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Paolo Manzelli lre at unifi.it
Fri Dec 27 02:15:47 PST 2002

TRACE-FOOD> -FP6- 5.44. Program Information. Search for Partners
> Dear  Friends ,
> the University of Florence (LRE-EGO-CreaNET) would like to inform you
> that in collaboration with TUSCANY REGION in Italy  we would  search
> for  partners on the Priority - IP PROGRAM on " QUALITY AN SECURITY OF
> Cod. Identity -FP6-2002-FOOD 1  Call EU-17-Apr.2002 -Dead-Line. 15
> Apr.2003 > See: http://www.cordis.lu/fp6/food.htm
> - primary evaluation  6 MARCH  2002.   Sector : 5..4. 4. TRACEABILITY
> of the FOOD CHAIN .
> The principal objective will be to increase the consumer confidence in
 in the safety protection of the food supply traceability would like to
 present a program on FOOD TRACEABILITY

The request of the FP-6 R&D Program on FOOD TRACEABILITY are the

–      “Traceability” processes all along the production chain The
objective is to strengthen the scientific and technological basis for
ensuring complete traceability for instance of genetically modified
organisms, including those based on recent biotechnology developments
from raw material origin to purchased food products, and thereby
increase consumer confidence in the food supply.
Research will focus on: development, validation and harmonization of
technologies and methodologies to ensure complete traceability
throughout the food chain; scale-up, implementation and validation of
methods in whole food chains; assurance of authenticity; validity of
labeling; application of HACCP to the whole food chain."
> Now a days the partnership of  "TRACE-FOOD" FP-6 Program ,  is
> composed by , the Tuscany Region,  Department of Development and
> Innovation <s.sorbi at mail.regone.toscana.it> and University of Florence
> in Italy <LRE at UNIFI.IT>  , the Bulgarian Industrial Association ;
> Martin Stoyanov <martin at bia-bg.com>, the Otley College, Suffolk IP6
> 9EY, David Tolliday <djtolliday at otleycollege.ac.uk>, and probably some
> other partners.
> The above partner team belong  also to the LEONARDO 2002 Project  on
> Traceability Processes , with the main goal to increase consumer
> confidence in the "Food Supply Management" .see: :
> http://www.edscuola.com/archivio/lre/ogm2.html )
> http://www.programmaleonardo.net/leo2/leonardo2.htm
>  Now we search to assemble a critical mass of skilled resources
> supporting within a FP-6 Program the integration of EU research &
> development Centers with Industry in the Sector : 5..4. 4.
> See:

> Therefore the LRE/EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence search for
> complemented partners that will be able to co-operate with the
> previous  partnership for:
> - Development, validation and harmonization of technologies and
> methodologies to ensure traceability throughout characteristic
> regional  or local foods chains to enhance the quality and safety of
those  productions
> - Scale-up and validation of methods in whole food chain from raw
> materials to purchased foods , at the European extended level aiming
> to  support the development of "Research Innovation Policies for
> strengthening the ERA program..
> Research studies and best practices diffusion on  critical point in
safe promotion and environmental protection management  with a
particular attention to the following issues: assurance of authenticity
of declared origins ; validity of labeling ;  biotechnological  tools
in  HACCP to the food Chain utilization; to ensure the exclusion of
specified  high-risk and condemned materials from the food chain, and to
guarantee  the separation between biological products and GMO products
in the  global market.
> As a matter of facts the LRE-EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence
 ,  would like to enlarge the partnership up to six  European countries
with about  12  partners and to extend the collaboration as "stakeolders
network" to the <TRACE-FOOD> program at international level.

- The Tuscany Region will get the opportunity to cover about the 25% //
> 30% of the entire Business Plan .
> Sincerely I am very grateful about your partnership and also for any
> possible data dissemination and network partnership's formation of
> <TRACE-FOOD FP6- Program>
> I am looking for your kind reply .
> Having an Happy new Year .
> My best regards and cordiality's Paolo Manzelli
   Director of LRE  // EGO-CreaNET

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