[Air-l] Re: CAPI or CASI software (Blaise)

Dmitri Williams dcwillia at umich.edu
Sun Feb 3 09:29:07 PST 2002


I did some Blaise coding and part of the experimental design using it 
for a political communication project here at Michigan a couple of 
summers ago. We used it in a lab setting and had a very good experience. 
Can't beat the upsides of having Ss do the data entry. It's also a very 
flexible product, and you can insert AV stimuli in it. Some of the 
downsides are that the code is not particularly straightforward and that 
it wasn't designed to be a particularly user-friendly self administered 
product. Still, there are some decent ways around it with patience. 
There's a very big PDF manual online at 
www.westat.com/blaise/pdf/RefManual.pdf but it isn't particularly 
helpful or easy to use.

I can answer programming stuff off-list to the extent that I remember 
the details. Mostly, myself and one other grad student self-taught and 
did trial-and-error. The folks here at the Survey Research Center (part 
of the Michigan ISR) have expertise for hire, I believe.
Dmitri Williams
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Michigan
Department of Communication Studies
dcwillia at umich.edu
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