[Air-l] storming.forming.informing

Nancy Baym nbaym at ku.edu
Sat Feb 9 14:56:16 PST 2002

Steve said:

>What's been exceptional... is the number of new 
>initiatives...resulting in our suddenly having a surfeit of work to 
>do, help to solicit...

I repeat the above just in case anyone missed that "help to solicit" 
phrase :) If any of you have been wondering "how can *I* get more 
involved in AoIR?" just hang on to your hats, opportunities are 

>I don't know about the "mostly Americans" thing...it would appear 
>there are, as Nancy said, more American residents. I'm not sure it's 
>possible to say more than that, though, without inference.

In saying 'mostly Americans' I didn't mean to say that there are more 
Americans/US Residents than non-Americans, just that there seem to be 
more Americans than residents of any other single country. There may 
be more people who are not Americans than who are.

Given that the genesis, or geneses, of this organization came from 
the center of the United States, I think we're doing pretty well. 
When I organized our first conference here in Kansas, I thought we'd 
be lucky to be a regional midwestern event (thanks again to all of 
you who came!). I look forward to our first European conference in 
Maastricht in October and -- REMINDER -- Feb 15 is the submission 
deadline for that event!

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