[Air-l] Call For Papers: 'loop' issue of M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture

E. Sean Rintel er8430 at albany.edu
Tue Feb 12 05:51:08 PST 2002

Call For Papers:'loop' issue of M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture
Edited by Peta Mitchell and E. Sean Rintel
Papers due: 1 July 2002.
Release: 31 July 2002

M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture, is an initiative of the Media and 
Cultural Studies Centre at The University of Queensland in Australia. 
Established in 1998, M/C has successfully grown in international standing 
among serious internet journals. Each issue of M/C is themed. For the issue 
released on 31 July 2002, the theme is 'loop'.

M/C invites contributions from a broad range of disciplines that make use 
of the considerable explanatory power of the notion of the 'loop'. The 
'loop' is a pervasive and fundamental metaphor of repetition, denoting both 
problem and solution in a number of disciplines, and acting as a cross-over 
device between disciplines. To be "in the loop" is to be "in the know", but 
what is it about the 'loop' that constitutes knowledge?  Moreover, in 
displacing the "time's arrow" metaphor of linear progress, does the 
recursivity of the loop (exemplified by the concepts of revolution and the 
eternal return) paradoxically provide a new and unique challenge to 
modernist epistemology, or does it simply indicate a retrospective vision?

We envisage a diverse range of contributions. Authors might wish to explore 
active and passive loops, feedback and autocatalytic loops, interconnected 
loops, chained loops, and hypercycles (a loop of autocatalytic loops). Also 
welcomed are investigations of loopholes, looping in music (both in terms 
of the classical rising loops of the well-tempered clavier and modern 
techniques of tape and digital looping), the states of being looped (drunk) 
or loopy (crazy), and the performance of loops (such as in rituals and 
recycling). Authors are invited to discuss potential contributions with 
either editor, Peta Mitchell (Peta at uq.net.au) or E. Sean Rintel 
(er8430 at albany.edu), and are encouraged to submit well in advance of the 
due date (1 July 2002).

Contributors are directed to previous issues of M/C 
(http://www.media-culture.org.au/archive.html) for article length and style 
guidelines. M/C is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal. ISSN 1441-2616


E. Sean Rintel
Communication Department
University at Albany
State University of New York
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY, USA, 12222-0001

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