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Here is some information on technical standards setting.

There were two IEEE Conference on STANDARDIZATION and INNOVATION in
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (SIIT). You may access conference websites and
get some articles on technical standards setting in IT sector. 

The first conference website:

The second conference website: http://www.siit2001.org/


Also here are three books I recommend.

1. Shaping Standardization:  A study of standards processes and
standard policies in the field of telematic services, by Tineke
Egyedi, Ph.D. Thesis, 1996, Delft Technical University: this is also
published as book-format, you may get this one by using inter-library
loan. I used it before.

It analyzes standards setting process by using the social construction
technology (SCOT) theory. I like this book very mainly because it
provides a clear 'analytical' framework.  
If you wanna read other articles by her, here is her website:

2. Standards Policy for Information Infrastructure, Edited by Brian
Kahin and Janet Abbate, MIT 1995

covers extensive IT standards setting issues  

3. Inventing the Internet, by Janet Abbate, MIT 1999 (Chapter on
TCP/IP Vs. OSI is especially interesting) 

Good luch for your thesis,

Junghoon Kim

Associate instructor and Doctoral student
Department of Telecommunications
Indiana University, bloomington
Ph. D candidate
Faculty of Policy Studies
Chuo University, Tokyo

> Hello all,
> After reading the recent discussion on railroad gauges deriving from
> ancient standards, I am curious if anyone is doing work looking into
> technical standards.  I'm writing my undergrad honors thesis on
> Internet standards, and the need for public interest involvement in
> standardization process, viewing this as a subset of the "technical
> political" or "code is law" body of work.  Although my thesis is
> predominantly policy-oriented, I'd really like some theory to work
> aside from market failures and civic governance.  Chasing citations
> back and forth has not turned up a whole lot in this area.  If
> anyone has any suggestions for literature that delves into examining
> larger impacts of specific technical design decisions, from any
> perspective (sociology, psychology, policy, etc) I would really
> it.  
> Thanks for your help,
> /allan
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