[Air-l] Research on Internet in German & French

Serge Courrier Serge.Courrier at pobox.com
Fri Feb 15 09:18:19 PST 2002

> I´d like to know where I can find information on research about
Internet in
> German & French. Can someone inform me?


as far as I know, there are very few french speaking full text
ressources, open mailing lists, and even directories about Internet
researches and Internet researchers. I assume that it's firstable a
cultural problem. French researchers don't have the reflex, the time or
perhaps the idea to publish their work on Internet and to build up an
interdisciplinary community. That's make a big difference with Great
Britain, USA or Germany.

In the Net Researchers directory you certainly know
(http://netzwissenschaft.com/wiss.htm), there are only two french
people... that's all.


The CIRASI could have been a valuable way to find french speaking
researchers. It is the "Collectif interdisciplinaire de
recherche sur les aspects sociaux d'Internet" (Interdiscplinary group on
the social aspects of Internet
:http://lajoie.uqam.ca/cirasi/cirasi.html). A good initiative but with a
very low activity now.

Idem for the Commposite (http://commposite.uqam.ca) which intended to
gather young researchers. No activity.

Regarding some Think tanks or publications (not always Internet
centered) you could look at

FING (Fondation pour l'Internet nouvelle génération) :

L'équipe Réseaux savoirs et territoires from the Ecole normale
supérieure (http://barthes.ens.fr/)
Les Cahiers de médiologie (http://www.mediologie.com/)
Groupe de recherche sur les médias (http://grm.uqam.ca/index.html)
Revue Terminal (http://www.terminal.sgdg.org/)
Revue Réseaux : http://www.editions-hermes.fr/rev_accueil.asp?id=17
Quaderni : http://panoramix.univ-paris1.fr/CREDAP/quaderni/
Les Cahiers du numérique :

Regarding research teams we could speak among others of

RIAM (Réseau de recherche et innovation en audiuovisuel et multimédia
INA (Institut national de l'audiovisuel) :

But they don't give access to their researches.

Even France Télécom R&D http://www.rd.francetelecom.fr/ is very
pusillanimus (Mr Thomas, we could speak of that in private if you like).
And the very well known INRIA (Institut national de recherche en
informatique et automatisme) have a very technical view of the Internet.

I really hope I have forgotten really valuable and open ressources.

And if I gain some technical support I would be pleased to build up such
a directory for french speaking researches.

Serge Courrier
Freelance journalist
Internet Section Editor for Science & Vie magazine
Paris, France

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