[Air-l] Using Online Citations to Defunct Web Sites

John B. White john.white at wku.edu
Fri Feb 15 13:09:10 PST 2002

Comments below:

"Bunz, Ulla K" wrote:

> them into all eternity. So, theoretically, I could point people to my local
> server address and ask them to look at the sites there (at least until I
> change university affiliation this summer, and who knows whether I'll "pack"
> these digital belongings and take them with me). And the original sites may
> have changed since I downloaded them! By definition, websites are dynamic
> documents. A screen shot or printout is just a momentary, Polaroid-like
> memorabilia. And in a way, so are my downloaded sites.

This raises a host of interesting copyright questions.  Archiving a website for
research purposes is probably not a violation.  Redistributing reprints of it,
without the original author's/poster's permission, is.  Mirroring it locally,
without permission, is.  In this day and age, even "deep linking" can be
considered copyright infringement.

Gives one pause for a moment...


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