[Air-l] Chill.

Lachlan Brown lachlan at london.com
Thu Feb 21 12:57:38 PST 2002

Sobriety, please, Ken Friedman
Economist, Philosopher, and Party Animal

Whatever you do in your liesure time is 
of no interest whatsoever to this forum 
of scholarly debate. 

I believe we were planning to muster for
Maastricht, and thereafter Trier in the 
autumn to contest the American Succession 
to Global Hegemony?

Lachlan Brown
Cultural Studies
Goldsmiths College


That righteous dude Barry Wellman has
come up with the dream theme of the

I, too, have been avalanched by letters
from friends, cronies, high government
colleagues, exiled colleagues, wives,
nephews, and sons of the present or
former dictators of Nigeria, Liberia,
Congo, and Sierra Leone. So far, I've
heard nothing from Zimbabwe, but I'm

All these people have one hundred million
dollars or so in a Swiss bank, a locked
box, a safe place, a bookshelf, or a desk
drawer at the Centre for Urban and
Community Studies.

They'll give me 25% for helping them
invest it. Is this an opportunity or what?

The idea of a party is brilliant. Let's get
them all together. It'll be a cross between
the WEF, the WWF, and a TupperWare

I'll be there, dude.

When I arrive, I'll just tell them I'm
Barry Wellman. Unless he's already there,
along with that other guy who has the
same name.


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