[Air-l] re: The West African Scam

Lachlan Brown lachlan at london.com
Tue Feb 26 10:50:24 PST 2002

The experience of western technology in 
West Africa seems to be mediated by multinational mining corporations, 
personal and corruption, killings, and desperate pleas. It is little wonder that 
one of the primary uses of email from 
West Africa is variation on this dreadful 

As with so many things about internet’s 
re-distributive aspects tied with these 
new mediations of our world, we are seeing 
our culture represented in ways that are 
unfamiliar, strange and implausible to us, 
but actually tell it like it is from the 
perspective of people in West Africa.

Westerners look like people who would buy
into this kind of thing and approve of 
the method of sales. 

Lachlan Brown


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