[Air-l] neat indexing system

Zunt at aol.com Zunt at aol.com
Thu Feb 28 01:26:02 PST 2002

I've not run across this method before, and thought folks on this list might 
enjoy puzzling over it.


The website contains a collection of texts (popular song lyrics).  Having 
made a selection from the contents, you can click on various linked words 
within the text (not all possible words are linked).  That action triggers 
(a) enumeration of the texts in the library that contain the target word, and 
(b) a hyperlinked index connecting you back to those available texts.  Each 
instance of target word use appears in the index list.

It looks to me like quite a bit of HTML page generation is done automatically 
via scripting on the server side.


Bob Briggs
Westport, MA 

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