[Air-l] Seminar at Teesside University

Loader, Brian B.D.Loader at tees.ac.uk
Wed Jan 23 04:08:58 PST 2002

List members may be interested in the following seminar.

The fifth in a series of ESRC funded seminars on "Immateriality in theory
and practice: Living in the Matrix" will be held at Teesside University, UK
on 1st February 2002. The theme of the seminar will be:

Putting Place into Cyber-Space: Where the real and virtual meet.
Much has been made in cyberspace literature and debates about the liberating
experiences and transforming qualities of virtual spaces and
computer-mediated relationships. This seminar attempts to examine how
aspects of the corporeal may act to shape the virtual. It attempts to gain
an insight into this unbounded terrain from a number of  entry points.There
will be presentations by, Roger Burrows, Stephen Graham, Mike Hardey, Leigh
Keeble, Brian Loader, Graham McBeath, Jo Twist, and Stephen Webb with plenty
of time for discussion by those attending. There are a limited number of
places available and anyone who would like to participate should contact
Wendy Bland w.k.bland at tees.ac.uk for further details of the programme, time
and place of the seminar. Please forward this email to anyone who you think
might be interested in coming to the seminar. The papers that will be
presented are: 

Stephen Graham
Centre for Urban Technology
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.
Networked Mobilities and Urban Social Inequality : The Construction of
Premium Networked Spaces

Roger Burrows
Centre for Housing Policy, University of York
Virtual Community Care? An Analysis of the Experience of Computer Mediated
Social Support

Brian Loader and Leigh Keeble
CIRA, University of Teesside
Creating the Open School: re-connecting the young excluded?

Michael Hardey
University of Southampton
Meeting the virtual in real life: Internet dating and the negotiation of

Stephen Webb
University of Sussex
Avatar Culture and Virtual Environments

Graham McBeath
University College Northampton
Analysing the Immaterial

Jo Twist
Theorising the 'In-between' spaces.

Brian Loader
Community Informatics Research & Applications Unit (CIRA)
University of Teesside
Middlesbrough TS1 3BA
Tel:  +44(0)1642 342348
Fax: +44(0)1642 342711
Email b.d.loader at tees.ac.uk

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