[Air-l] Re: New Theoretical Approaches to the Self in

T.R.Jordan at open.ac.uk T.R.Jordan at open.ac.uk
Fri Jan 25 03:47:30 PST 2002


Can't say I agree that Foucault was talking about confessions are a place
where we recover our 'true selves', but then again I haven't looked at that
book for quite a while. I tried to analyse relations of power, using
Foucault and other theories of power/knowledge/subjectivity, and their
inter-relations in terms of generating selves, collectives and imaginaries.
(Cyberpower it's called) I can't see any space for 'true selves' outside all
these circuits of power, only places for different constructions of selves
and societies generating different types of societies and selves.

Sorry if I've mistaken your take on Foucault, re-reading your post I'm not
sure if you mean confessions produce true selves or if cyber-confessions may
be able to do so.

Tim Jordan

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