[Air-l] Re: Spam Air-l digest, Vol 1 #261 - 7 msgs

Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 7 09:06:39 PST 2002

Dear ,
Re Laura Gurak's question about recent increase in porn-type spam, the answer is
definitely Yes on my side.
However I am not sure the location of the ISP, e.g. 3rd world nations or Russia
reflects the origin of the material which seems well designed at least for a
North American public.
Sorry I did not understood Valdis trick to "send the ball back". But I was told
this, like the unsubscribe functions is likeley to increase the amount of spam
one receives. Can the techies confirm?
Since many of the porn sites ask for payment there should be a way for legal
authorities to identify the owners.


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