[Air-l] Democracy, the Net and Netizens: In Memory of Michael Hauben

Jay Hauben jrh29 at columbia.edu
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I think there are readers of AIR-L who would be interested to know
that the Amateur Computerist Vol 11 No 1 In Memory of Michael Hauben:
Discoverer of Netizens is available at:

ascii: http://www.ais.org/~jrh/acn/text/ACn11-1.txt

prn:   http://www.ais.org/~jrh/acn/text/ACn11-1.prn

wpd:   http://www.ais.org/~jrh/acn/text/ACn11-1.wpd

This special issue of the Amateur Computerist is dedicated to the life
and work of Michael Hauben. Michael helped found and edit the Amateur
Computerist. He gave it its name reflecting that it is intended for
those who love computing. Much of Michael's writing appeared in the
Amateur Computerist from its beginning in 1988 until his untimely
death in June 2001. In its pages he published and explained and
popularized his vision of a democratizing, interactive and enlivening
Internet populated by many citizens of the net - netizens.

The first article in this issue explores the emergence of the concept
of netizens. It builds to its conclusion that the future can not be
known but we can and should strive for the future we want. Michael's
vision of the netizen can be a guide. The next article tells some of
the story of Michael's growing up and his connection with computing.
It is followed by tributes to and remembrances of Michael. The bulk of
the issue is a collection of a few of Michael's articles especially
concerning netizens, democracy and his understanding of the importance
of the Net. The issue ends with a report from a conference in Berlin
where these same concerns were discussed and debated.

We offer this issue not only to commemorate the life and work of
Michael Hauben but also because we feel the relevancy of these for

The whole issue or a subscription is available for free via email.
Send a request to jrh at ais.org  or see  http://www.ais.org/~jrh/acn/

Separate articles are available at:


We welcome comments, criticisms and submissions for future

Take care.


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