[Air-l] growing 'road warrior' phenom

Reymers, Kurt reymerke at morrisville.edu
Tue Jun 4 07:41:51 PDT 2002

Here's another piece of news that highlights the plans of SUN Microsystems
to turn a full half of their workforce into "road warriors" by next year.  

(originally found at http://www.megarad.com)

The idea that artistically creative people lend to the construction of
communities that are economically viable is useful because it links economy
and culture, an association that is often ignored because of the tension
between the humanistic temperament of the artist and the bottom-line
temperament of business.  If one accepts Florida's premise and if the
"creative class" becomes nomadic, like the SUN tele-workers, I wonder if
this will increase corporate wealth at the expense of local and regional
wealth and the construction of creative communities, or if it will share the
wealth by spreading the community around.  Interesting theory.

-Kurt Reymers


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A sidelight on community coherence and technology is offered in an
interesting piece in the NYT on Saturday by Emily Eakin.

She discusses the work of Richard Florida who argues that community strength
is directly related to the strength of the creative class: gays, bohemians
and technology workers and the ideas, information and knowledge they



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