[Air-l] Re: This list and other languages...

Guillaume Latzko-Toth latzko-toth.guillaume at uqam.ca
Wed Jun 5 21:56:27 PDT 2002

Thank you all for your kind answers.

Apparently, for most people there was no problem. Some of you did receive
the bad characters though, and I am sorry for this.

Muchas gracias to Michel J. Menou for having "transcribed" the text for a 
hispanic list.

I have to point out that I am reading the list in "digest" version; maybe
that doesn't help. It is full of "=20" instead of mere line breaks.

Jeremy, my client (Eudora) is set to MIME encoding by default; could this pb
be related to Unicode incompatibility? Well, I will *avoid* diacritics next 
time ;-)

Guillaume Latzko-Toth
PhD Student in Communication Studies
Universite du Quebec a Montreal / Universite Paris II Pantheon-Assas
webmestre at commposite.org / http://commposite.org

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