[Air-l] Interactive New Media: 2-D Animation with Flash for the Web

thom thom at indiana.edu
Thu Jun 6 09:16:16 PDT 2002

indiana university
Department of Telecommunications, the Mime Program
Web July 8-12 

This workshop provides an introduction to Flash animation for interactive
design on the web including basic animation techniques: keyframing,
tweens, lisync, digital onionSkinning and actionScripting. No special
technical skills are needed other than the ability to use a computer. We
will start out with Photoshop, Illustrator and sound editing and quickly
move to Flash. 

The techniques you will learn can be applied to any project from pure
education to pure entertainment and everything in between. The real
"prerequisite" is the ability to be creative in art, music and/or
storytelling. Technology is easy, art is not. You will be drawing so be
prepared to regress back to a very playful time when you were naturally
silly and naturally inquisitive.  

There will also be side excursions into 3D design with Cinema 4D.
Shockwave 3D and director 8.5

Along with technical learning we will be developing a design document and
prototype for a significant educational/entertainment project of your

Some very silly projects by my MIME students who will be assisting in the

	www.parkingshark.com	Game developed for CarTalk, the radio show
	www.killerkontent.com/ 	Alex Schaeffert at Universal Studios
	www.marzil.com/kidgov/ 	Children's online civics game
	www.girlsong.com/	Online interactive poetry
	www.zonecomics.com/ 	Reality based animation project

Mime students with these sorts of skills work at high levels at companies
such as Universal Studios, Sony Online, Lucas Arts, ATT and more.

Witgenstein said: If no one did anything silly nothing intelligent would
ever get done. 

Prepare to be silly! 

This class is available for credit also.

If you have questions about this workshop, contact Professor Thom
Gillespie at thom at indiana.edu or 812-855-3254

If you have questions about registration or logistics email Sandy
Reynolds at sreynold at indiana.edu or call 812/855-7801.

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