[Air-l] IRB Review: How did you do it?

Mark D. Johns johnsmar at luther.edu
Fri Jun 7 09:24:10 PDT 2002

Dear Colleagues,

If you have had experience completing an Institutional
Review Board approval (or disapproval) for ONLINE social
research, we would like to invite you to share your
experience with us for possible inclusion in a book chapter
we are preparing for an edited volume concerning online

The current AoIR list conversation concerning IRB procedures
is very timely!  Lack of specific rules and requirements for
online research, and disagreements concerning the nature of
online discourse on the part of IRBs, often cause
frustration for researchers.  In order to better prepare
future researchers for IRB reviews, my colleagues (Sarina
Chen and Jon Hall from the University of Northern Iowa) are
seeking the specific experiences of veteran online
researchers in dealing with IRBs.

To participate, please go to our research web site,
http://rtr.luther.edu and log on using the UserID of “IRB”
(without the quotes) and the password of “survey” (again, no
quotes).  ID and password are not case sensitive.  You may
omit the name or alias box on the log in screen, as your
responses will be anonymous.

Please contact me off list at johnsmar at luther.edu if you
have questions or difficulties.  THANK YOU in advance for
taking a few minutes to share with us your experience with
IRB review for online social research.
Mark D. Johns, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Communication/Linguistics,
Luther College, Decorah, Iowa
"Get the facts first. You can distort them later."
    ---Mark Twain

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